Reason 1: Only Attorneys

Your case is handled by an attorney and ONLY an attorney. We don't rely at all on non-attorneys to draft your letters or provide legal advice to you. In fact, we don't have any paralegals at all! Just attorneys. So rest assured that your case is handled from beginning to end by a licensed, full trained and qualified attorney.

Reason 2: Fee Match Guarantee

We will not only match but will beat any of our main competitors prices. If you are otherwise qualified by us for a particular service and you get a better price from someone else, we will not only match it but beat it!

Reason 3: Extraordinary Experience

Our attorneys have collectively dealt with thousands of petitions. We know what particular reviewing officers tend to approve, not approve, find convincing, not find convincing. Your petition needs to be developed specifically towards highlighting your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. We have the experience you need with your employment-based petitions in order to construct your petition to give you the best chance possible for approval.

Reason 4: Quick Turnaround

We have quick turnaround on your material so you can get filed quickly. We literally guarantee in our contracts that we will have your recommendation letters drafted for their author and your Legal Brief within 6 business days respectively. We don't take weeks to draft our material. Since only attorneys are drafting your material, things get done quickly and efficiently. 

Reason 5: Communication

Communication, communication, communication. We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients and getting them on the phone with their own assigned attorney immediately so they can begin developing a relationship. You don't have multiple attorneys that handle only one aspect of your case; you have one! So whether through our secure online communication portal, via email or on the phone, you can be guaranteed communication with your own attorney within 24 hours.

Reason 6: No Charge for RFE Responses or Appeals

We have your back all the way and stand by our service. If you receive a RFE or need to Appeal a decision, it is free of charge. Our attorneys have intimate experience with individual officers at USCIS and have built up extensive experience dealing with each of their unique quirks, needs and wants such that we understand exactly how to respond to any particular RFE you might receive. 

Reason 7: No Templates

We don't use templates; plain and simple. Your reference letters, your Legal Brief, everything is created from scratch based on YOUR credentials. The petition is supposed to be about you and your work. That is why we feel it is impossible to utilize a "fill in the blank" template as your Legal Brief. So we don't!

Reason 8: Trained at Top U.S. Law Schools

Our attorneys studied at some of the best law schools in the country, including the University of Virginia, the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois, George Washington University and Vanderbilt University.  These law schools have highly competitive admission requirements and they are consistently ranked by national media as top U.S. law schools based on the quality of their legal curriculum.


Meet our HSI Team Attorneys

Extraordinary Attorneys from Outstanding Law Schools

David Allen
Andy Ingebritson
John Goslow
Allyn Sinicropi
Marc Topoleski

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