from TPS to green card?

Yes, it is possible!

Temporary Protected Status, or simply TPS, is a special status available for those who entered the United States unlawfully but could not return home because war, natural disaster, or other emergencies made it impossible.  During such times, the U.S. government allows some people to remain here without fear of removal by placing countries on an approved list.  TPS also provides work and travel authorization.

TPS is not a green card.  But, for some who have a U.S. citizen family member or employer, it can be a pathway to move on to a permanent solution.  

Cases decided in the Sixth and Ninth Circuits allow for those on TPS to adjust status to become green card holders if they meet certain requirements.

If you or someone you know-

  • Entered the USA without inspection (called EWI), and
  • Have TPS today, and
  • Have an “immediate relative” who is a US citizen (such as a spouse, parent, or a child over 21 years of age) or
  • Have a employer willing to sponsor a permanent application (not available for all job categories), and
  • Live in the Sixth or Ninth Circuits (that is, if they live or move to Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state) 

You should have your situation evaluated by one of our skilled attorneys who can find the best solution to suit your personal needs.

Why is this important now?

Time may be running out for you to apply.  Country conditions change and are periodically reconsidered.  Some countries have been put on notice that TPS is ending and will not be renewed.  Nationals of these countries must begin preparations to leave or find an alternative.  It is important to get started on a permanent solution BEFORE your status ends.  These countries are:

  • Sudan (ending November 2018)
  • Nicaragua (ending January 2019)
  • Haiti (ending July 2019)
  • El Salvador (ending September 2019)
  • Honduras (under review)

What steps should I take?

It's important for you to have your situation reviewed by an experienced attorney now.  Learn what options are available to you and how likely your case is to succeed.  Contact Ellis Porter today for a free analysis.