Court of Appeals Rules Against Trump Administration; Travel Ban Remains Halted

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has reached a unanimous decision not to reinstate President Trump's Executive Order suspending immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. The panel, consisting of three judges, upheld the ruling of the federal District Court judge, who reached a decision last week to halt enforcement of the travel ban while litigation on the constitutionality of the Executive Order continues.

The Trump administration has the option of requesting the decision be reviewed by a full panel of all 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges or filing an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court.

You can read the Court of Appeals decision here.

Update (Feb. 10): Trump administration officials have stated that another available option they are considering is to revoke its January 27  Executive Order and issue that would be more likely to survive any constitutional challenges.


This decision means the travel ban Executive Order remains halted until the litigation process in the federal District Court is complete, which could take days or weeks.  Individuals from the "list of seven" countries can resume travel while the Executive Order is on hold, but they should anticipate a high level of scrutiny from border officers when reentering the U.S.