New Criteria for Texas J-1 Waiver Program

The Texas Conrad waiver program is perhaps the most well-utilized J-1 waiver program in the country.  Texas typically begins accepting applications a month before most states and FY2018 will be no exception.  The application period this year will run from September 1st to 14th.  The application fee is set at $3000.

No FLEX slots will be awarded (that is, the worksite county must be designated as underserved).  If more than thirty applications are received in the filing period (which is very likely), priority will be given specifically to Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, and Pediatrics.   Applications will not be awarded based on order of receipt.

FY2018 criteria can be found here

Interested in submitting a Texas waiver?  Now is a great time to speak to Ellis Porter about your application.