News Alert: Premium Resumes for J-1 Waiver Doctors

Welcome news on the premium processing front!  USCIS issued a statement this afternoon stating that it will resume LIMITED premium processing starting Monday, June 26th.  At that time, H-1B petitions filed for medical doctors who are Conrad 30 and IGA (such as DRA, ARC, and HHS) waiver recipients will be eligible to file premium requests. The Conrad 30 program allows certain medical doctors to stay in the United States on a temporary visa after completing their medical training to work in rural and urban areas that have a shortage of physicians.

Premium requests can be filed together with an H-1B petition or separately for a pending H-1B petition (upgrade).   

This news is consistent with recent indications that USCIS would roll out the resumption of premium processing on an occupation/industry specific basis.  This incremental phase-in will likely continue until deadlines can be met allowing for full resumption.