DACA Renewals Available Again

DACA and immigration policy are trending in the news lately. While Washington passes this political football around and threatens a government shutdown later this week,  800,000 Dreamers worry about their ongoing status and staying employed.  On that front, there is unexpectedly good news.

A Ninth Circuit judge has blocked President Trump's decision to end DACA.  In short, the program is back on. For now.

USCIS has posted instructions explaining how they will comply with the judge's orders.  

File Renewals Now

Upcoming renewal applications can be filed up to 150 days (5 months) in advance of expiration.  Applicants should contact Ellis Porter and begin renewals promptly to avoid delays and interruption in work authorization.  There is also no guarantee as to how long this respite will last, and we advise taking advantage of this opportunity now.

Expired After September 5, 2016

If you previously received DACA it expired on or after Sept. 5, 2016, you may still file your DACA request as a renewal request.  We can assist you with the proper renewal application.

Expired Before September 5, 2016

Even if your DACA status expired before Sept. 5, 2016, or was previously terminated, there may still be hope.  You may be eligible to file a new initial DACA request.

USCIS is not accepting requests from individuals who have never before been granted deferred action under DACA.

Note that USCIS will not accept or approve advance parole requests from DACA recipients. This will limit international travel options for DACA recipients, and any travel plans should be discussed with your attorney since it may prevent you from returning to the U.S.