April 2018 Visa Bulletin Analysis

EB-1 caused an unanticipated stir for April as India and China face a dramatic retrogression of more than six years.  Dates in this category were not expected to shift until the summer at earliest, based on reports from the Department of State, so this unwelcome news has caused many to rethink their current immigration strategy. 

Family-Based priority dates continued an incrementally forward progression.  Earlier filing under Chart B dates is expected to continue again this month and an update on that is expected early next week. **Updated March 14**  USCIS confirmed use of Chart A-Final Action Dates for Employment-Based matters and use of Chart B-Dates for Filing for Family-Based matters for April.

Employment-Based Movement

EB-1 is retrogressed more than six years for India and China.  Dates for both countries are now set at 01JAN12.  Worldwide, Mexico, and the Philippines remains current.

EB-2 Worldwide remains current.  China advanced significantly by more than 33 weeks to 01AUG14. India again inched forward only one week to 22DEC08.

EB-3 Remains current Worldwide. China advanced significantly, more than six months, to 01JUN15.  India also saw a significant advancement of more than a year to 01FEB08 and many would-be adjustment applicants are flocking to ready their cases and make use of the surge.

Family-Based Movement

F1 (Unmarried Sons and Daughters of US Citizens) Worldwide, China, and India all moved forward at the same two-week pace to 08APR11.  Mexico moved forward six weeks to 08SEP96.  The Philippines continues to advance with nearly a three month shift to 01JAN06.

F2A (Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents) moved forward five weeks to 01MAY16 for all countries except Mexico. F2B (Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents) for Worldwide, China, and India all advanced five weeks to 08APR11.  

F3 (Married Sons and Daughters of US Citizens) continued advancing steadily to 08JAN06 for Worldwide, China, and India.  This category has seen good advancement in recent months and the trend continues at a three week pace.  Only the Philippines saw no advancement in this category.

F4 (Brothers and Sisters of Adult US Citizens) for Worldwide and China moved ahead by three weeks to 15SEP04.  India inched forward to 15FEB04.