Detroit Attorney Patricia Luber, New Immigration Columnist for Latino Press

The Latino Press has a weekly readership of more than 20,000.  And, now they have a new immigration columnist---- our own Patricia Luber.  Patricia is expert in all things related to immigration court including removal proceedings (deportation), asylum, cancellation of removal, VAWA, and U visas.  She's the lead attorney in our newly launched Southwest Detroit office. 

The Latino Press is the most read Hispanic news publication in Michigan and is essential for delivery of important information to the Spanish language community.  Ellis Porter shares this value of supporting the community by improving understanding of the legal challenges that may be facing our neighbors.  That's one reason why we're located right in the heart of the community where we can better serve the needs of our neighbors in this diverse and vibrant part of Detroit.  Patricia is spearheading that effort with these informative bi-weekly articles in Spanish as well as giving instructive seminars to the local community.

Her first article discussed administrative closure: what it is, what happens if your case gets re-calendared, and how to check the 1-800 court system.  The second installment article explains the importance of getting your documents in order now to be prepared to document physical presence, what types of documents are acceptable proof, and why it's essential to be ready when a case is re-calendared.  

Interested in learning more?  Check out the recent article and look forward to her next installment in two weeks.