EP Celebrates Kids in the Workplace

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day has been observed in workplaces across America for the last 25 years.  With more than 35 million participants each year, it's one of the most successful national public education campaigns ever launched. This year, Ellis Porter was pleased to take part--- bringing our kids to experience a day "at work" in our Troy and Ann Arbor offices.

The goal is to encourage "girls and boys across the country to dream without gender limitations and to think imaginatively about their family, work and community lives. This national, public education program connects what children learn at school with the actual working world. Children learn that a family-friendly work environment is an employer and family issue and not just a woman’s issue. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work helps girls and boys across the nation discover the power and possibilities associated with a balanced work and family life."

The kids showed off their artistic skills, did some reading, learned more about what mom and dad do all day --- the day was a tremendous success.  Did we mention the pizza and doughnuts (yes mom, we had healthy fruit, too!)?